Reinventing your inventory

with Smart Supply

Stock optimisation software for (multi-channel) allocation and replenishment based on actual sales transactions. The consumer as the heartbeat of the supply chain: for higher profit margins, less excess inventory and fewer missed sales

Smart Supply

Our long-standing experience in the retail industry helps us understand the complexity of replenishment like no other. This process is influenced by a a lot of factors. When will which store be supplied and how often? Are sales data up to date? Are stock levels correct? Moreover, choices must be made based on all kinds of details: which product in which colour and size needs to go to which location?

With Smart Supply, this is a thing of the past. Smart Supply is a SaaS solution for fully automated stock optimisation based on up-to-date sales data. Not one-on-one replenishment but dynamic replenishment for the long-term growth of your company. 

Chainbalance specialises in stock optimisation between distribution centres and stores. For wholesale and retail, physical stores and/or webshops, for large and small, national and international, Key accounts, small-scale customers, shop-in-shop or consignment models: everything is possible.


Do you work in the fashion industry? Do you have to redistribute stock between different stores? Then you are probably incurring unnecessary costs and should consider optimising your allocation and stock management process. Stock management is often the responsibility of a merchandise manager or store staff. But is it sensible to carry out this complex task yourself and could you save on redistribution costs?


Smart Supply?

Fully automated stock optimisation process.

Positive results within three months.

Fewer missed sales, higher margins and less excess inventory.

Fast implementation (±12 weeks).

How it started

Every idea starts with marvel, frustration or a feeling of ‘this could be improved’. In our case, we were triggered by all three. Truly shocked by the amount of waste within retail. Warehouses are stacked with outdated merchandise and a lot of money is being wasted due to unnecessary transport and handling to redistribute merchandise to other stores.


This can be different. No, this must be different Not only is this detrimental to the profit of a company, but above all the system is extremely bad for the environment ....


A major German international fashion brand for mens, womens and childrens clothing, shoes and accessories has been using Smart Supply Outlet since 2010.


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