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Working at Chainbalance

We are a fast-growing tech company that develops smart and sustainable solutions for stock management throughout the supply chain. Our headquarters are located in the Bondpark building in Breda, in the South of the Netherlands.

Our mission

Shocked by the enormous amount of waste in retail. The result of intensive unnecessary transport and redistribution of goods. Because of the colossal surplus of unsold goods, ChainBalance began looking at ways to improve the process. Smart Supply® is the result. Software that helps retailers unlock their sales potential by making better replenishment decisions. This drastically reduces excess stock and provides a sound and sustainable way to grow the business.

Our values

Our professional team is the key to our growth and success. We value people as our most important asset and work in an informal culture based on trust, support, and openness towards each other.

We strongly believe in our three core values:



Innovation is the motor that drives people to work towards a sustainable and worthwhile life. At Chainbalance we work hard every day to create an environment that gives us space, freedom, and creativity to innovate.



Committed to a shared goal. Everyone within our organization commits themselves to a shared goal: work together to deliver quality and continually learn and adapt to provide the best possible service for our customers.



Chainbalance approaches issues in the supply chain in a very unique way. Together we try to make the world a bit better. With our open and informal attitude, we work on solutions to avoid waste.


If our culture appeals to you and you share our enthusiasm for what we do, have a look at the job openings below:

Job openings

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