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For environmentally conscious brands, retailers and wholesalers, we introduce Smart Supply. An effective software solution to optimise your sales potential and reduce your carbon footprint.

Sustainable and commercially successful business practices

Since we began in 2006, we have demonstrated to our customers that our technical solutions enable sustainability and commercial success to go hand in hand. With our stock optimisation software program, Smart Supply, we help large and small organisations to reduce their environmental footprint and unlock their full sales potential. We believe strongly in innovation, commitment and authenticity. That is our company DNA and that is what you can expect in the services we provide to our customers.


How it started

“When I first began working in logistics for a sportswear multinational over 14 years ago, I was truly shocked by the amount of waste. I continually saw unnecessary transport and redistribution of goods. And despite this, there was an enormous overtock of unsold goods. There had to be a way to improve this.


After many years of hard work and trial and error, my journey resulted in Smart Supply. A new stock optimisation software program, that is driven by sales numbers instead of a pre-set size curve or aggregated purchasing data. It helps retailers make better inventory decisions to drastically reduce excess inventory and grow a healthy and sustainable business."

Ben Vermin, Managing Director

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Chainbalance is a fast-growing Tech company that develops smart and sustainable solutions for stock management throughout the supply chain. Do you share our enthusiasm for technology and sustainability? Check out our job openings.

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Through our close collaboration with leading partners like Microsoft and Amazon, we can offer our customers accurate know-how and expertise. This ensures that your online solutions will always be professionally and securely implemented.

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