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Seasonal trends

Easily manage recurring seasonal products

You will be familiar with it. Your merchandiser sends as much stock as possible to the stores, so that as little as possible stays behind in the distribution centre or warehouse. Unfortunately, this often means that you have to redistribute your stock later.

Smart Supply does not immediately send all stock from the distribution centre to the stores. After an initial allocation, the software uses an algorithm to determine the highest sales potential per SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) for each location. The stock will be distributed to the stores at which the demand for the product is the greatest.

Not one-on-one replenishment but a dynamic process. This means that you improve your product availability, increase your profit margin, reduce excess inventory and have fewer missed sales. But how does Smart Supply work? Find out below.

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Optimize seasonal


NOOS collectie automatisch kenmerken_Zwa

Reuse specific sales characteristics

Rendabele SKU's per verkoopperiode_Zwart

Increase the profitability of SKU’s per sales period 

Make the most of seasonal pattern

Do you have specific seasonal articles that have an impact on your logistics chain? Or do you have a never out of stock (NOOS) collection that is sold during certain recurrent periods? For example skin-colored lingerie in the summer or white T-shirts under a dress shirt in the winter.


You can use the ‘seasonal trends’ module to reuse the specific sales characteristics of an assortment in Smart Supply that repeat themselves across seasons. At the beginning of a seasonal sales period, you can increase the target levels of these SKU’s to last year’s sales targets. This creates the ideal profile for each article, per location, and per sales period.

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“With the change of seasons we saw that without using the ‘seasonal trends’ module, it took a number of weeks before our stock levels were up to date. Now at the beginning of a new season, we immediately see that the correct targets are set higher or lower. That results in far less back orders and overstock.”

Merchandise Manager, Triumph  

More possibilities with Smart Supply

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Personalized stores

You only have a limited number of square meters per store. Are you continually looking for the optimal way to layout your assortment?


With the ‘personalized stores’ module, you will have a step-by-step guide advising you how to increase your unique sales potential based on consumer data. The result is a unique store assortment that matches the consumer demands of a specific location.

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After an event, like a sale, are your stock levels unbalanced? During a promotion is a product in one store selling faster than in other stores?


With the ‘event planning’ module you send inventory only where it’s needed. Without affecting your target level calculations.

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Initial allocation

Do you struggle with allocating your initial inventory at the beginning of a season for your stores or customers?


With the ‘initial allocation’ module you let go of your fixed target levels. Based on the realized sales data of other (comparable) article groups, you can get customized advice for each store. From the first allocation, you can sell more using the same inventory.

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