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What's new?- Chainbalances Smart Supply® Version 2.8

One of our priorities is continuously improving our solution and growing beyond ourselves. We work on publishing four version updates per year, and since November, 2.8 has been deployed. Packed with innovative features, this update is set to redefine how you manage your merchandise, enhance usability, and simplify event planning during peak season. Grab a cup of tea and find out what new features can help your merchandise management (and if you want to find out even more, why don’t you contact us for a chat at Let’s start!

Merchandise Management stepping into new hemispheres

Embark on a new era of merchandise management by introducing the “Recommendation Page.” This feature offers an unparalleled view of your store assortment, highlighting bestsellers missing in specific points of sale and presenting tremendous growth potential. Brace yourself for 2.9, where we'll unveil recommendations for missing sizes and introduce bad-seller management.

missing bestellers for your stores
New Recommendations page

A Milestone in Daily Insights

The “Today in Smart Supply” functionality on the Home page is a game-changer, providing a collection of key performance indicators (KPIs) for a daily dose of crucial business insights. Beyond the existing KPIs like ‘prevented overstock’ and ‘increased turnover’, discover new metrics such as stores not reporting on-hand or sales data for an extended period.

KPIs at just one click for fashion companies
Today in Smart Supply

Usability at Its Best

Our commitment to usability takes center stage with several enhancements in Smart Supply. Enjoy improved filtering options to filter on values quickly, a revamped main menu, and the introduction of sticky columns, allowing you to navigate information while scrolling effortlessly. Your user experience is one of our top priorities.

Streamlining Peak Season Challenges

Smart Supply is gearing up to make event planning a breeze as we enter the high-stakes Q4 with Black Friday, Cyber Week, and Christmas on the horizon. Our 'Smart Event Planning' feature now boasts multiple usable algorithms, allowing you to customize the planning process down to choosing the specific distribution center to optimize during the event period.

While these are the key highlights of Smart Supply 2.8, there's much more to explore. If you're eager to delve deeper into Smart Supply or have questions about Chainbalances Smart Supply®, don't hesitate to reach out. Elevate your merchandise management and business insights with Smart Supply—where innovation meets efficiency.

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