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Faces behind Chainbalance - Nickolai Parasochka

Nickolai grew up in a village in the Kherson region, and like many teenagers, he was uncertain about his future. His father recognized his potential due to good grades in school and steered him toward the world of coding.

He enrolled in the Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute in 2016, where he learned programming and encountered peers already actively working in the IT industry before graduating. Intrigued by their experiences, he became enthusiastic to follow and decided to get a taste of the field sooner rather than later.

In 2019, he secured a position as back-end developer, starting his professional journey. He was excited about the opportunity but longed for more versatility, aspiring to become a full-stack developer. Determined to follow his dream, he changed to a new company in 2020 and started building his knowledge of front-end development while gaining proficiency in autotests development.

Despite his growing expertise, Nickolai wanted to work with more cutting-edge technologies, prompting him to join Chainbalance in 2021. Here, amidst a vibrant and sociable team, he found the perfect environment to cultivate his talents and contribute to innovative projects. He especially likes the friendly atmosphere at Chainbalance, where every team member is valued.

Beyond the tech world, Nickolai finds fulfillment in his varied interests. In his free time, he frequents the gym to maintain his physical health and likes to go fishing. His love for sports extends to the soccer field, enjoying the camaraderie of a good match.

Reflecting on his childhood, Nickolai fondly recalls days spent immersed in hobbies that powered his creativity and sense of adventure. Each activity shows his curiosity and knack for innovation, from assembling a collection of old coins to crafting radio-controlled ships with friends.


Graaf Engelbertlaan 75
4837 DS Breda
The Netherlands

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