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Faces behind Chainbalance – Hanna Danylchenko's inspiring journey

From her love for computers since childhood to her quest for finding the perfect career fit, Hanna's story is filled with determination, resilience, and a passion for making a difference – today, we are talking about Hanna, a Quality Assurance Engineer at Chainbalance, and her inspiring journey. Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and dive into Hanna's world!

Hanna's life started in the vibrant city of Kharkiv, Ukraine. Full of joy and surrounded by loved ones, she enjoyed the bustling city life. However, everything changed with the invasion of Ukraine, and Hanna had to move to the peaceful town of Khust. Despite the challenges, she found solace in the breathtaking mountains that adorned her new hometown, often dreaming of a safe return to her beloved city.

From a young age, Hanna's curiosity sparked her fascination with computers. She received her first computer at 12, igniting a passion that would shape her future. The mystery of how computers worked and the wonders of the internet captivated her, propelling her toward a career in the Computer and Information Technology field.

While Hanna embarked on her journey to become a computer science specialist, she encountered obstacles along the way. Programming wasn't her strong suit, so she explored various industries such as finance, brokerage, and retail. However, her technical background beckoned her to return to her true calling. Determined to find the perfect fit, she discovered the profession of a Quality Assurance Engineer, which led her to work at Chainbalance, a company she initially knew nothing about. During the interview, she discovered that Chainbalance's principles aligned perfectly with her own, particularly their commitment to sustainability. She resonated with their philosophy of optimizing and improving goods turnover to reduce waste and environmental impact.

One of the aspects Hanna loves about working at Chainbalance is the fantastic teamwork. The camaraderie, open communication, and support among colleagues create an environment where everyone can thrive. Whether she needs assistance or has a question, she feels confident reaching out to any team member, knowing they will provide help and guidance – the asset Chainbalance values most regarding the company.

When she's not diligently working on quality assurance, Hanna loves to explore her passions in her free time. Previously an avid traveler, she and her husband would embark on exciting road trips across Ukraine. While the current situation limits her travels, she still finds joy in taking walks amidst the mountains, watching TV series, reading, and keeping up with the fantasy genre. Her love for Harry Potter and Marvel shines through, adding a touch of magic and adventure to her life. Additionally, she nurtures her interest in Asian culture and mythology, expanding her knowledge and appreciating diverse traditions.

Hanna's journey from her early fascination with computers to her fulfilling role as a Quality Assurance Engineer at Chainbalance inspires all. Her determination to find her true passion and make a difference in the world is admirable. Despite the challenges Ukraine faces, she remains hopeful for a brighter future and embraces the beauty around her. Hanna's story reminds us to pursue our dreams, embrace teamwork, and find joy in the little things.


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