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Faces behind Chainbalance – Fashionista Nina van den Heuvel

In the fashion and merchandise management world, individuals bring their unique experiences and passions to foster innovative solutions. One such person is Nina van den Heuvel, the newest member of the Chainbalance Team. Let's take a closer look at Customer Success Manager Nina.

Nina's career path began with studies in industrial engineering after she finished high school. Initially unsure of what to pursue, she opted for a broad study that would provide her with various opportunities. However, she quickly came to question how she ended up in this field after noticing there were 90 guys and just two girls in her class. After her Bachelor, she decided to complete her master's studies in a narrower and more creative subject. She chose strategic management – a specific focus on entrepreneurship and consultancy – which she loved.

After completing her studies, Nina embarked on her first job at a large company, where she worked in replenishment at the headquarters of a Dutch supermarket giant. This experience exposed her to the intricacies of forecasting and replenishment, and she was amazed at how things were done in a large organization. Being a work world newbie, fresh out of university, Nina expected the organizational processes at big companies to be automated and evolved by the newest technologies – but that was not the case.

Nina's passion for fashion has always been a significant part of her life. Inspired by her mother, who studied fashion, she developed a keen interest in the industry from a young age. The picture of herself at three years old, posing confidently with a beret, is the best proof. Her love for fashion and her expertise in replenishment and management came together perfectly at Chainbalance.

One of the things that Nina particularly enjoys about her work at Chainbalance is the constant drive for improvement. Chainbalance has many successes to report. Still, we strive to be better every day. The company's size and our incredible team allow for quick problem-solving, with someone consistently available to offer assistance and make things happen. The collaborative nature of the team creates a supportive environment where people are always willing to help one another.

Nina was, again, surprised to discover how antiquated the fashion industry's replenishment processes were when she joined Chainbalance. This realization made her appreciate the value of the solution offered by Chainbalance even more.

Regarding fashion, Nina loves window shopping and exploring different brands and designers at platforms like Vestiaire Collective, and finds joy in visiting small boutiques in other cities.

Nina's style has evolved over the years, but she has always used her clothes to self-express. During her teenage years, she was pretty shy and found that her fashion choices allowed her to speak without being outspoken. She appreciates the ability of fashion to create individual identities.

Nina's journey from industrial engineering to Smart Merchandise Management for the apparel industry is a testament to the power of combining diverse passions and skills. With her expertise and commitment to improvement, she plays a vital role in Chainbalance's mission to transform the industry.


Graaf Engelbertlaan 75
4837 DS Breda
The Netherlands

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