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Faces behind Chainbalance - Alexander Tarasiuk

In this blog post, we delve into the journey of Alex, one of our .NET/SQL Developers. Read how he discovered his passion for all things tech and problem-solving to being a software developer at Chainbalance.

Alex's interest commenced during high school when he developed a deep fascination for computers and electronics. He delved into books and embarked on a self-guided journey to understand the intricacies behind the application. At the time, he didn't have a personal computer. Instead, he directed his energy towards fixing broken electronics, from TV sets to cassette players. He relished the challenge of unraveling the problems and finding creative solutions, often with limited options.

The process of problem-solving and creation resonated with Alex on a profound level. He found genuine joy in every step of the process, from identifying issues to crafting solutions.

After high school, Alex's path led him to university, albeit not in a software engineering specialty. He pursued a degree in Automation of Technological Processes, a field focused on utilizing microcomputers like the Raspberry Pi to manage tasks in various industries, including factories.

University was the stage where he filled in the gaps in his self-acquired knowledge, delving deep into understanding the inner workings of electronic systems. Post-graduation, he spent 15 years as an electronics engineer and system administrator at the post office. Yet, his true passion remained in the realm of software development.

Alex's journey took a pivotal turn when he wrote a program to automate computer assets management and maintenance, streamlining tasks for everyone. It was then that he realized that his heart belonged to development.

The turning point in Alex's journey came when he joined a private company in the forex market. They were searching for a QA Engineer, and Alex was forthright about his development hobby. To his astonishment, they hired him as a developer, fulfilling a dream he had long nurtured. Alex found immense joy in the learning new process, especially when it involved something he was genuinely passionate about.

Thanks to a friend's recommendation, Alex's journey eventually led him to Chainbalance. At this point, the tables turned; electronics became his hobby, while development became his profession—a perfect union.

What Alex cherishes most about Chainbalance is the sense of community. It's a small company where everyone knows each other intimately. There's no revolving door of strangers. They work as a self-sufficient team, where trust takes precedence. It's an environment where they have authority over their work, and every colleague is a delight to work with.

Alex enjoys hiking, exploring nature and abandoned places outside the tech realm, and documents his adventures through photography. Music holds a special place in Alex's heart. He's drawn to electronic dance music, jazz, and some alternative rock bands like Linkin Park. He even tried composing music himself, though accurately discerning the notes proved challenging.

Not only that, but he is a science fiction enthusiast in his book and movie choices and in relishing smaller sci-fi narratives. One of his childhood favorites was Jules Verne's “The Mysterious Island” for its foray into the world of science fiction. And who can forget “Back to the Future”? Alex is a fan, captivated by its portrayal of the 1980s and the concept of time travel. It's like a nostalgic journey every time he watches it.


Graaf Engelbertlaan 75
4837 DS Breda
The Netherlands

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