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Smart Supply

You will be familiar with it. Your merchandiser sends as much stock as possible to the stores, so that as little as possible stays behind in the distribution centre or warehouse. Unfortunately, this often means that you have to redistribute your stock later.

Smart Supply does not immediately send all stock from the distribution centre to the stores. After an initial allocation, the software uses an algorithm to determine the highest sales potential per SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) for each location. The stock will be distributed to the stores at which the demand for the product is the greatest.

Not one-on-one replenishment but a dynamic process. This means that you improve your product availability, increase your profit margin, reduce excess inventory and have fewer missed sales. But how does Smart Supply work? Find out below.

After the implementation

What can you expect from us after implementation? Chainbalance organises hosting, consultancy and training, offers technical and functional support, and proactively helps you with data monitoring.


Thanks to our SaaS software, you can access Smart Supply anywhere and at any time. Smart Supply does not run on your own computer but via Amazon Cloud. Chainbalance provides the hosting on professional machines and at secure locations. Our professional administrators take care of management and back-ups.

Professional help desk

If you need technical or functional support, you can contact our help desk for support questions, problems or connection errors. Our service desk keeps the software and users up to date. If any updates have been implemented in Smart Supply, our service desk will let you know. Our help desk is available by e-mail, telephone or video call during office hours. 24/7 availability is also an option.

Consultancy & training

Allow our experienced consultants to advise you on how Smart Supply can be of value to your company. If you opt for Smart Supply, system users are given up to two days of comprehensive on-site training during the implementation phase. This is part of the implementation process and means that you do not need expensive courses, education or consultants.


In addition to the support from a dedicated help desk, our specialists continuously monitor your system. We proactively keep track of your statistics using data monitoring. This means we can track unexpected patterns and can take corrective action where necessary.

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