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Introducing Vision 2.4 - All in One

Progress, never standing still and processing feedback in the best possible way. One of our primary missions as Chainbalance is to provide our partners with a solution that keeps up with the demands of our business and our consumers. That's why we offer our partners 4 version updates per year, where we provide new features, improvements, and innovations for the entire merchandise management. We are now at version 2.4 and are particularly proud of this release.

"Our vision is to solve the mismatch between supply and demand in the apparel industry to reduce the amount of waste products - better for business and our planet”.

To achieve this, we start with each new partner in the in-season management with solutions such as replenishment, event planning, and initial allocation, which is the optimal initial quantity down to the size curve. In this way, we learn about our partners' business from the most sensitive point - the POS with the buying behavior of each consumer and each product.

The learning factor for us, our algorithms and logics are crucial to making accurate forecasts for the important out-season management. We all want to know what to produce, at what time, and in what quantity.

As part of this bridge between in-season and out-season, we provide deep insights based on our analytics and decisions. These insights provide greater transparency for the brand and for the dynamic business.

How is a product performing in a particular area or POS and across options and sizes?
Where are we losing sales and where do we have excess inventory?
Which products are top sellers and where and when did we have fast movers?

All this information can be found in our Smart Merchandise Management solution - Smart Supply.

We present you our new version 2.4, with highlight features like the product and option insights.

Here you can get all the insights about the entire product and option.

- Sales growth, as well as sales during special events, up to the daily, weekly, or monthly view, for every single size.

- Lost sales, i.e. where pieces were missing

- Inventory turn rate, as well as the inventory sell-through rate

In the options view, you can even get deeper insights into the performance of each size, per POS and customer: inventory turns, availability, and even the availability of the entire size curve.

This can then be precisely compared to individual POS and customers for benchmark filtering, for example.

From these dashboards, you can easily get into the replenishment and decisions that Chainbalance proposes or automates directly.

With this transparency, you can enrich the entire collection planning with deep insights based on our daily calculations, forecasts, and decisions.

In addition to new insights, we deliver advanced allocation logic that allows users to prioritize specific POS and/or customers. What does this look like in reality? A simpler example:

Chainbalance generates an order for 1000 pieces for 10 POS. Unfortunately, not 1000, but only 500 pieces are available in the short term. Chainbalance decides who gets which quantity based on the sales potential per POS and SKU. With the new "Store Priority Setting" feature, users can prioritize POS and customers, for the allocation quantity.

Here are some other new features in the latest release:

  • New login page

  • Introduced a new design for some of the KPIs on the homepage

  • Introduced 'no. of items with status ‘new’' to help those clients that use it to quickly identify items that require attention

  • Added optional column to lost sales report that will show the number of days with zero on hand quantity

  • Added option for users to personalize the display of size information based on their location

  • Added option to include 'assigned DCs' in the store copy function

  • Added more store information to the store management excel download functionality.

  • Made contents of store management excel download dependent on permission

  • Added permissions to hide or show cost price and retail price information

  • The top part of reports (buttons + filters) is now 'sticky' so that they are always visible when scrolling

So, stop struggling with dozens of Excel spreadsheets, working in multiple systems, and making daily micro-decisions. Get all the important information, deep insights, and concrete decisions in the latest version of Chainbalance and unlock the hidden growth potential.

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