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"We can trust the automated replenishment process in every detail."

Smart Supply® handles over 2000 Point of Sale and is active in more than 20 countries worldwide on behalf of Triumph, handling their automated replenishment and offering features like event planning and seasonal trend planning. Triumph and Chainbalance have been collaborating for 9 years, with Markus Karweg, the Head of Business Development (O2C) for Europe, being part of the team responsible for Smart Supply® since the start of the partnership.

During this period, he witnessed several changes in the fashion industry, including the evolution of our Smart Merchandise Management Solution and the growth of our partnership from a few test stores to onboarding over 2000 POS’s. To gain further insights into Markus's experience, Britta Dünschede, our Junior Marketing Manager, conducted an interview with him regarding our collaboration and the fashion industry. Check out the video below to see the whole interview.

"We are growing together." - Markus Karweg

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