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How to steer on your stock availability in the stores?

Due to the pandemic you are likely facing challenges related to stock shortages in your current collection. Less stock has been purchased and stock is delivered with a delay. How do you make sure you have the right stock in the right stores to generate the most revenue?

Making sure the stock is in those stores where it will be sold the best is key at this moment. 

Dynamic inventory management with Smart Supply

To be sure that you have your stock in the right place, you need a more dynamic form of inventory management. Not standard 1 on 1 replenishment, but re-stocking decisions based on current demand. The Smart Supply stock optimisation software determines your inventory replenishment based on actual sales transactions. Stock is generally not distributed evenly across all stores. Our algorithm calculates which product, in which size and color should be sent to which store. Where is the potential per item the highest? Based on that information, stock is sent from the distribution center to the right location. This allows you to quickly react to an increase in demand at one of your stores. 

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of dynamic inventory management for your business? Discover the possibilities with Smart Supply. Request a demo or get in touch with us.

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