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Reinventing your inventory

“ We see an increase in our conversions and I’m convinced that Smart Supply has played a big role there.”

CEO Garcia Outlets

Smart Supply


Want to stop saying ‘we’re out of stock’ to customers? Reduce your excess inventory? Do business more sustainably?

Smart Supply is a SaaS solution that makes it possible. The software uses an algorithm to determine the highest sales potential per SKU. By doing this, it automates your stock allocation and continually optimises your stock replenishment. Not 1-on-1 replenishment, but dynamic replenishment to grow your company sustainably. 

Smart Supply can benefit:

  • wholesale and retail

  • brick and mortar shops and webshops 

  • large and small organizations 

  • national and international players 

  • companies with key accounts and smaller customers 

  • shop-in-shop, VMI or consignment models 

Why Smart Supply

Fully automated inventory-optimisation process based on actual sales data

Positive results within three months.

Fewer missed sales, higher margins and less excess inventory.

Fast implementation (±12 weeks).

CB_Quote Adidas_Square.jpg

“Within a month we saw that the Italian franchise stores in the Smart Supply pilot had achieved a significantly higher turnover. This was the reason for us to roll out the solution to all our franchise stores in Italy.”

Director of Business Solutions, adidas  

We specialize in



We routinely see brands that still do their stock replenishment manually. An automated process is less prone to error. What’s more it saves you money and gives your personnel more time, for example, to serve your customers.

About us

“When I first began working in logistics for a sportswear multinational over 14 years ago, I was truly shocked by the amount of waste. I continually saw unnecessary transport and redistribution of goods. And despite this, there was an enormous overstock of unsold goods. There had to be a way to improve this. After many years of hard work and trial and error, my journey resulted in Smart Supply. A new stock-optimisation software program, that is driven by sales numbers instead of a pre-set size curve or aggregated purchasing data. It helps retailers make better inventory decisions to drastically reduce excess inventory and grow a healthy and sustainable business."

Ben Vermin, Director Chainbalance

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