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dankzij Smart Supply voorraadoptimalisatie software

"It takes more than just a great product to win in the fiercely competitive denim market. To get a leg up on the competition, GARCIA Outlets has professionalized all aspects of its operations in the past three years, including stock management. After just a few months, the Smart Supply stock optimisation software from ChainBalance has proven its worth, helping the company boost conversion rates and sales revenues. Smart Supply automates and optimises stock allocation and replenishment, based on dynamic stock management at the individual store and SKU level. As GARCIA Outlets continues to grow and expand, Smart Supply helps them make profitable decisions for every store, in every country."

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Van Gils

"It’s no secret that fashion retailers are struggling. Smart ones, like Van Gils menswear, are taking innovative measures to turn the tide in their favour. But before the company could move forward, it had to modernise its outdated and inefficient processes. To do this, Van Gils recently implemented the Smart Supply stock optimisation solution from ChainBalance in parallel with a brand new ERP system. Smart Supply automates and optimizes stock allocation and replenishment, based on dynamic stock management at the individual store and SKU level. It helps retailers make smarter stock replenishment decisions to improve product availability, increase profit margins, and reduce excess inventory and missed sales. It also lays the groundwork for moving to an innovative Vendor-Managed Inventory model that Van Gils believes will give it a strong competitive advantage."

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"For a large German Sportswear Multinational, Smart Supply has been used in Europe since 2012. This tool is used for the replenishment of their own brand stores and key accounts. In addition, Chainbalance provides the full POS data cleansing for this customer for their own mono brand stores and key accounts, allowing them to monitor sales results and stock information weekly across Europe."

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"A major German international fashion brand for mens, womens and childrens clothing, shoes and accessories has been using Smart Supply Outlet since 2010. By using our software, their outlet stores are always well stocked with the commercial collection. They have enough quantities to generate sales for up to 4 weeks. There is always a variety of product types and sizes available without overcrowding the stores. Customers shopping in the outlets always have enough choices and have a very pleasant shopping experience."

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"Since 2014, this international underwear and lingerie brand has been using Smart Supply; Retail for the allocation and replenishment to key accounts and brand stores in Europe and Asia. In lingerie, there is huge complexity in bra sizes. The use of Smart Supply showed a revenue increase of approximately 17% after the first few months. In the best-selling country, a substantial increase in turnover was achieved from 3.9 to 4.7."

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