Ben Vermin, Founder of ChainBalance

"During my years managing the logistics for a large sportswear retailer, I was truly shocked to see the amount of waste, both in unsold merchandise and in unnecessary transport and handling that over allocation was causing. There had to be a solution for this problem! On this website we explain the different software solutions we have developed to improve your stock replenishment challenges. Please get in touch if you want to know more about how our products can benefit your business."

ChainBalance Smart Supply®

Smart Supply® is a software program for retail businesses and wholesalers who need an omnichannel stock management solution.
There are three versions of ChainBalance Smart Supply® available.

Smart Supply® Retail
Smart Supply® Online
Smart Supply® Outlet

Our unique software provides:

  • Fully automated optimization of stock levels
  • Daily order creation, by size, based on actual sales results
  • Reduction in store to store deliveries
  • Higher margins
  • Reduction in unsold stock and stock waste
  • More satisfied customers
  • First positive results within 3 months
  • A solution that is better for the planet and better for the business
  • Sophisticated system for predicting stock levels