New rules in fashion retail

Today's consumers can choose products from multiple brands at different price points in a high number of locations both off- and online. This multi channel consumer access is challenging for the fashion industry: each article must be available in a high number of retail locations in multiple options, colors and sizes.

Supply chain efforts should focus on meeting the true consumer demand and avoid leak of sales to off- or online competitors. Besides that, the sooner products are sold in-season, the higher the average retail price will be.

New rules in fashion retail

ChainBalance developed Smart Supply®: solution software for smart store replenishment.

Smart Supply® ensures full flexibility of your stock with high availability of the right product in the right size at the right location.

Short term forecasting in combination with very responsive replenishment levels will optimize service levels. The actual margin will improve significantly driven by increased sales at a higher average retail price.

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Flexible stock
Flexible stock
Increase of stock turns
Decrease of lost sales
Higher margin

Smart sales driven inventory decision

Smart Supply® will generate optimal allocation order quantities for all your point of sale locations via a daily re-forecasting solution. It triggers increased replenishment on fast movers and no replenishment on slow movers based on local sales data. Our software will enable planners to keep inventory higher in the supply chain resulting in flexible stock at distribution center level.

Suppose: a store gets 2 pieces at initial delivery and sells 1 piece after 2 months. Do not replenish 1-to-1. New item will probably not be sold at standard RSP

Smart Supply® solution

Our goal is delivering a higher actual margin with less stock on the balance sheet.
We are able to deliver the first results within 3 months after implementation: actual margin and inventory turn results that are considerably higher up to 20% compared to 1-on-1 replenishment.

Higher actual margin