New rules in the retail industry

ChainBalance is specialized in the niche market of stock management and has developed the inventory optimization tool ChainBalance Smart Supply®. A software tool to sell products in-season to eventually achieve a noticeable margin improvement. We are able to deliver the first positive results within 3 months after the implementation.

New rules in fashion retail

Why does Smart Supply benefits the retail industry?

These days maintaining a high level on non-selling inventory is unfortunately quite common in the retail industry. This is mainly because meeting on the true consumer demand is a challenge because consumers can choose many unique product combinations at different price points through on- and offline channels. ChainBalance Smart Supply® will help supply chain efforts to focus on meeting the true consumer demand to avoid loss of sales to competitors.

ChainBalance Smart Supply®

Smart Supply® is a software program for wholesale and retail organisations with the
need for Omni-channel inventory management. There are three versions of
ChainBalance Smart Supply®.

Smart Supply® Retail
Smart Supply® Online
Smart Supply® Outlet
Some features within this powerful inventory optimization tool
  • Unique store item replenishment decisions
  • Overnight order creation based on sales
  • Less store to store stock transfers

To learn more about ChainBalance Smart Supply® you can watch the video

Watch the video

Fast- and Slow Mover Replenishment solution

Based on local sales data, Smart Supply® triggers to increase replenishment on fast movers and no replenishment on slow movers. This means that Smart Supply® will enable planners to keep the inventory higher in the supply chain for both fast- and slow movers. This will lead to a flexible stock level at distribution centre level.

Suppose: A store receives 2 products at initial delivery and sells 1 product after 2 months. Would you create a new order to replenish the stock?

The answer is NO 1-on-1 replenishment because this new item will probably not be sold at the standard RRP.

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